River Ivalojoki River Ivalojoki is considered one of the most impressive canoeing routes in Finland. The river is sufficiently demanding and has many rapid sections. River Ivalojoki is also an interesting area because of its gold history. More information: http://www.nationalparks.fi/en/hammastunturi/trails/descriptionofthecanoeingroutekutturaivalo70km Lemmenjoki River The calm Lemmenjoki River is perfect for all canoeists, regardless of skill level. The distance between Njurgulahti and Kultahamina is approximately 20 kilometres. Alternatively, start towards Lake Paadarjärvi from Njurgulahti and continue all the way to Lake Solojärvi. Various businesses in the Lemmenjoki area provide canoes for hire. Canoeing route in Lemmenjoki: http://www.nationalparks.fi/en/inariarealemmenjokiriver Other possibilities for kayaking or canoeing: River Luttojoki River Luirojoki River Kopsusjoki Lake Inarijärvi