Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki National Park is located in Finnish Lapland in the area between the Inari-Kittilä Road 955 and Inari-Angeli Road 9553 (about 45 km from Inari village and 115 km from Saariselkä). Lemmenjoki was founded in 1956 and is Finland’s largest national park. Stretching over 70 kilometres, the River Lemmenjoki flows through the national park. Northern nature shows its barest and most beautiful aspects here, and the park is home to several rare and endangered species. Lemmenjoki National Park is a truly unique place due to its natural biodiversity, Sámi culture and fascinating history of gold prospecting. Read more about Lemmenjoki National Park: http://www.nationalparks.fi/en/lemmenjokinp Information and maps: Inari Customer Service Point Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida | Inarintie 46, FI-99870 Inari | Tel. +358 40 168 9668 | tourist.info@inari.fi http://www.siida.fi/contents/nature-services?set_language=en