Explore the eight seasons of the polar year

The best thing about guiding visitors is witnessing their captivated and astonished expressions, as they experience the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights for the very first time. They forget about everything else, with eyes intently fixated on the skies. There are memorable wilderness nature experiences to be had all year round in each of our eight distinct seasons.”

Tiina, Guide


The Inari-Saariselkä region in Finnish Lapland is a beautiful travel destination all year round. We have eight different seasons and each season has special features that need to be seen and experienced.

PolarLife outdoor activities

Every season is full of opportunities for getting the most out of the Arctic nature in an active way.


PolarLife wellbeing

As we live in a hectic world, taking care of yourself and your physical and mental wellbeing is an increasingly important issue. Sometimes it is good to go digitally offline, putting your natural instincts online. Polar wellbeing offers you the opportunity to replenish your energy levels the Nordic way…

PolarLife culture

In the Inari-Saariselkä region, you will experience a unique cultural environment. You will witness at first-hand how the locals live this far north, in beautiful, yet extremely demanding conditions…


The Inari-Saariselkä travel area has a good selection of high-standard hotels, wilderness-style lodges and high-quality holiday apartments.



The well-equipped holiday cabins are popular and excellent alternatives for accommodating families or groups of friends. You can find these suitable for many tastes, from fell highland and lakeside cabins to wilderness cabins.



On your holiday, you can also stay in exotic, well-equipped Northern Lights cabins or choose your favourite from new guesthouse-style holiday villages.